Monday, June 19, 2017

Switzerland: New Geothermal Electricity and Heat Project in Vaud Canton

First Swiss hydrothermal geothermal project to produce electricity and heat (News Release)

On June 12, 2017 Alpine Geothermal Power Production (AGEPP SA) was officially created, with headquarters in Lavey-Morcles.

It brings together several partners in the Romandy area active in the development of renewable energy - SI-REN SA, Holdigaz SA, EOS Holding SA, Romande Energie Holding SA and CESLA SA - as well as the communes of Lavey-Morcles (VD) Mauritius (VS).

The objectives of AGEPP SA are as follows:
  • Develop geothermal drilling projects, particularly in the Lavey area;
  • Exploit geothermal resources, notably from the Bains de Lavey resource, by generating electricity and supplying heat to various customers.
The AGEPP hydrothermal geothermal project aims to exploit the geothermal water naturally contained in the aquifer located in crystalline (gneiss) cracked rocks by pumping. These rocks have a high permeability.