Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Iceland: More Wells to be Drilled at Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant

New drilling contract for up to 10 additional wells, Hellisheidi geothermal plant, Iceland (ThinkGeoEnergy)

Well protection dome in Hellisheidi, Iceland. By Bastien Poux.
GRC 2016 - 37th Amateur Geothermal Photo Contest
Reported this morning, Icelandic energy company ON Power (Reykjavik Energy) and Iceland Drilling (Jardboranir) have agreed on drilling seven wells in the Hengil area in the coming years. An additional three wells can be added later to the contract if necessary.

The power from the ON power plants will be used to power the drilling rigs for the project, saving more than one million litres of oil compared to conventional methods.

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