Thursday, May 11, 2017

Philippines: 10 MW Biliran Geothermal Plant Plans to be Commissioned in September 2018

BGI assures stable, reliable power supply (Philippine Information Agency)

Phase 2 of BGI’s development plan is increasing production by additional 39 MW 

In a recent radio interview, a key personnel of Biliran Geothermal Incorporated (BGI) assured Biliranons of stable and reliable power supply.

Mark Julius Mecaral Oraa, BGI compliance and permitting officer,  revealed that BN6 production well is already tested positive of producing 5 MW of geothermal power source. He further said that BN8, another existing geothermal well developed and subject for further tests of BGI, is also expected to produce another 5 MW.

He added that BGI is currently negotiating with an electric power contractor provider for the construction of the first modular binary geothermal power plant in Biliran province which is expected to be commissioned in September, 2018.

The BGI marketing team is also in the process of marketing power sales agreement with electric power distribution utilities like BILECO and other electric power distribution utilities in Region 8, Oraa further said.

Part of the Phase 1 development plan of BGI is the production of 10 MW from BN6 and BN8 where a 13.2 KV line is to be installed and to be connected to BILECO from the power plant to be constructed in Caibiran, Oraa revealed.

He further said Phase 2 of BGI’s development plan is the installation of 69KV line up to the NGCP sub-station in Biliran town for another 39 MW produced utilizing the shallow neutral part of the Biliran reservoir.