Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Global: Geothermal Energy Risk Mitigation Around the World - A Report

Comparative analysis of approaches to geothermal resource risk mitigation: a global survey (World Bank Group)

by Sanyal, Subir Kumar; Robertson-Tait, Ann; Jayawardena, Migara; Huttrer, Gerry; Berman, Laura Wendell

Based on the World Bank’s own extensive global experience and drawing upon international expertise from leading specialists and practitioners, this report presents a comparative assessment of various approaches that have been applied around the world, with varying degrees of success, to mitigate resource risks and catalyze investments in developing the geothermal sector. 

It provides a framework that can help decision makers identify suitable approaches that are commensurate with development goals, funding capacity, implementation capabilities, and other circumstances specific to the context in a given country.