Friday, May 19, 2017

Europe: New Report Measures Slight Increase in Geothermal Energy Capacity

The State of Renewable Energies In Europe - Edition 2016 - 16th EurObserv’ER Report

According to EurObserv’ER, European Union-wide installed geothermal electricity capacity has risen slightly (by 4 MW) to 993.6 MW. Net capacity, the maximum capacity presumed to be exploitable, is put at 837.1  MW (2 MW more). Gross electricity output production increased in 2015 to 6,615  GWh, compared to 6  303  GWh in 2014.

EurObserv’ER notes that Germany is the only country to have increased its geothermal capacity when the Gr├╝nwald/Laufzorn geothermal plant came on stream (adding 4.3  MW). The country’s installed geothermal capacity rose to 31 MW at the end of 2015 (net capacity of 26 MW), according to AGEEstat.

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