Monday, April 3, 2017

Taiwan: 5.5 MW Geothermal Power Plant Could be Built Near Taipei

Government urged to use geothermal energy sources (Taipei Times)

An academic has called on the government to consider exploiting geothermal energy sources near Taipei, while business-people urged the local and central governments to clear up administrative hurdles to “renewable” energy investments.

New Taipei City in May 2015 launched a joint venture with the Bureau of Energy and the Industrial Technology Research Institute at Sihuangziping (四磺子平) in the city’s Jinshan District (金山) to develop a geothermal power plant, New Taipei City Government, official Liao Shih-wei (廖士緯) said.

Initial estimates after a year of drilling placed the site’s power generation potential at 5.5 megawatts electric, or 37.6 million watt-hours, Liao said, adding that the estimated capacity can meet the annual power consumption of Jinshan residents.