Friday, April 21, 2017

Germany: Initial Results Indicate Good Geothermal Potential from Malm Aquifer

Regional Energy Concept Goes Ahead (ERDWERK)

With support from the Bavarian Department of Commerce (StMWI), a regional energy concept has been developed by the South-East Bavaria Regional Planning Association (RPV18). Within the framework of the project, possible financial savings and reductions in CO2 emissions were identified.

ERDWERK GmbH is responsible for investigating the deep and surface geothermal potential. The project is well underway and the initial results indicate that good to very good thermal and/or electrical potential from the deep and surface geothermal resources exist across the entire region.

The analysis shows that deep and near-surface geothermal energy can be used almost anywhere in the entire planning network for electricity generation and / or heat supply. The different uses in the municipalities can be attributed both to the depth of the thermal deepwater aquifer (here the Malm-Aquifer) as well as to regional differences in the geothermal gradient (elevation of the temperature increase with depth). Localities in the alpine region are predominantly located in geologically favorable valleys. Heating and cooling with geothermal energy near the surface is possible in RPV 18 as a whole.

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