Friday, March 31, 2017

Philippines: 1,165 MW Geothermal Energy Projects to Come Online by 2030

Renewables Can Provide 23% of the Philippines’ Energy by 2025 (IRENA)

Unlocking the Philippines’ full renewable energy potential can help it meet its growing energy demand, pursue low-carbon development and address climate change, according to IRENA’s new report Renewables Readiness Assessment: Philippines, which identifies key actions for the country to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

In 2015, with the total installed geothermal electricity generation capacity reaching about 1,900 MW, the Philippines is second largest in the world after the US, according to the International Geothermal Association.

The Philippine Department of Energy estimates significant remaining potential – as much as 2,600 MW. Bertani (2015) has forecast that by 2020 geothermal power will increase in the Philippines by more than 600 MW. In the most
recent Philippine Energy Plan (2012-2030), the Department of Energy identified 26 sites to increase existing installed capacity by 62% throughout the 18-year planning period, as shown in the table above. The total estimated potential capacity of these sites will reach 1,165 MW. The majority of the listed areas have either been awarded or have submitted an application for a Renewable Energy Service Contract (Bertani, 2015).

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