Friday, March 3, 2017

Indonesia: Sarulla Geothermal Project About to Begin Generation

First Phase of Sarulla Geothermal Project to Begin Operations this Month (Seeking Alpha)

Isaac Angel, CEO of Ormat spoke at a GRC Annual Meeting
Isaac Angel, CEO of Ormat: "In Sarulla, Indonesia, the first phase with 110 MW capacity is currently under testing and expected to commence operation in March 2017.

To remind you Ormat’s share in this power plant is 14 MW. For the second phase power plant engineering and procurement has been substantially completed. Construction is in progress and all of the major generating units including those to be supplied by Ormat were delivered. For the third phase; engineering, procurement and construction work at the site are in progress. Manufacturing of equipment to be supplied by Ormat is underway at the plant."

"Drilling for the second and third phases is still going on and the project has achieved today based on preliminary estimate approximately 80% of the required production capacity and over 85% of the required injection capacity."

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