Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Canada: Drilling RFP Issued for Nova Scotia Geothermal Project

Call for proposals to explore Springhill mines (Cumberland News Now)

No. 2 Slope, 1897, Springhill, NS, Canada.
Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources collection
A few more steps towards discovering Springhill’s fullest potential for its geothermal resource took place this week.

The Cumberland Energy Authority, a division of the Municipality of Cumberland County, issued a request for proposals [RFP] March 13th seeking tenders to review a spatial analysis of the mines flooded with water beneath Springhill and introduce a number of deep-well test boreholes.

The new boreholes will serve to monitor water temperatures, water quality and potentially more information on how water flows inside the mines. Long-term, those boreholes could eventually become future send and return wells as the municipality develops the geothermal resource further.