Monday, March 13, 2017

USA: Coal Retirements Around the Country Offer a Unique Opportunity for Geothermal Energy

Clean Energy and Efficiency Can Replace Coal For a Reliable, Modern Electricity Grid (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Coal retirements around the country offer a unique opportunity to transition to a lower-emitting, more dynamic, cost-effective, and resilient electricity system
while delivering economic benefits to households and businesses. Expanding natural gas generation and supporting pipeline and compressor infrastructure would be a significant setback to efforts to achieve the ambitious emissions reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change and would also expose American households and businesses to increased risk of price shocks and stranded assets.

Instead, all states can and should strengthen energy efficiency and renewable standards and associated clean energy investments. States should also engage in
smart planning and regulatory reform where necessary to facilitate investments in a more flexible grid.

The transition to clean energy is already in progress. As fossil fuels grow more obsolete, energy efficiency, renewable energy and a more integrated, responsive grid will move the nation toward a more affordable and reliable clean energy future.

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