Friday, February 3, 2017

Global: "Geothermal is posed to grow by leaps and bounds" - U.S. GEA

2017 Outlook: Geothermal Is Trending Upwards (Renewable Energy World)

International geothermal nameplate capacity under development as of September 2016. Source: GEA & Allie Nelson.
Geothermal is posed to grow by leaps and bounds internationally in the coming years, with rapid growth in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kenya, all rich in geothermal resources. 

Major players involve investment banks like JICA and the IADB, who are teaming up with countries with untapped geothermal energy like Chile to diversify their national energy portfolios and meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals of significantly lowering the global output of CO2 in coming decades. 

Countries like Kenya and Indonesia have set frameworks in place and target goals of geothermal development to be achieved in the coming years, providing a significant portion of electricity as these countries go green.