Wednesday, January 11, 2017

USA, Nevada: San Emidio II Geothermal Power Project has Estimated 47 MW Capacity

U.S. Geothermal Announces Substantial Increase in the San Emidio II Reservoir Capacity (News Release)

U.S. Geothermal Inc. announced today that the estimate of the geothermal reservoir capacity associated with its San Emidio II project in Washoe County, Nevada, has increased from the earlier estimate of 10 net megawatts, to an estimated generation capacity of up to 47 net megawatts. This increased capacity is in addition to the current 10 megawatts being produced by the existing San Emidio I plant.

In early 2016, five 1,000 foot temperature gradient wells were drilled in the Southwest Zone and later in the year, two of those wells were deepened. Both wells intersected a high permeability, high temperature geothermal reservoir. Data from flow tests that took place in late 2016 on the two deepened wells were incorporated into a Probabilistic Power Density model developed by Geothermal Science Inc., an independent geothermal reservoir engineering company. Based on the flow rate and temperature produced by the two wells, and by measurement of pressure response across the wellfield, the model estimates that the area encompassed by the five wells drilled in 2016 (.18 square miles) has a 90% probability of 18.8 net megawatts of generation capacity as the Minimum. A larger area (1.4 square miles), defined by additional temperature gradient wells and geophysics, has a 50% probability of 47 net megawatts of generation capacity and was rated as the Most Likely outcome.

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