Monday, January 30, 2017

Science & Technology: Geothermal Energy Can Make You the Most Carbon Neutral Mastermind of All Time.

Here's Why You Should Build Your Supervillain Lair Inside A Volcano (Forbes)

From Darth Vader to Blofeld, volcanoes are classic settings for supervillains’ lairs. There’s just something aesthetically perfect about evil individuals being surrounded by death-dealing, incandescent lava.

So would it be possible to build a secret base within a volcano in real life? Is it ever a good idea to plot nefariousness and laugh maniacally from within a volcano? Actually, yes, and by doing so, you may become the most carbon neutral mastermind of all time.

After all, thanks to the molten magma body just beneath your feet, there’s plenty of geothermal heat to tap, which – with respect to a human lifetime – will never run out. It’s clean, renewable, and countries like Iceland and Indonesia already use it effectively.

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