Monday, January 30, 2017

Philippines: Acidity Problem Solved at Biliran Geothermal Plant

Biliran geothermal problem addressed (The Standard)

Filipino scientists have found a way to address the acidity of the Biliran geothermal power project in Leyte for its successful development.

Biliran Geothermal Inc. disclosed in a statement over the weekend that a series of tests effectively treated the acidic nature of the fluids from the drilled wells, making the field fit for the generation of geothermal power.

The company said initial developments in the Biliran site started in the 1980s but the 49 MW project was not completed due to acidity of the geothermal brine. 

Biliran is considered one of the largest greenfield geothermal projects in the Philippines with a potential of 350 MW.

The solution involves the injection of chemicals into the wells to treat the acidity, making the brine acceptable for use in the generation of geothermal power. It entails careful and rigid monitoring of the well geochemistry and correct dosage and application of chemicals.

The chemical treatment had previously been used in the Miravelles geothermal field in Costa Rica, where the geothermal brine required treatment for acidity.