Thursday, January 12, 2017

France: Deep Geothermal to Heat 28,000 Homes

ENGIE wins public service delegation contract for a new geothermal heating network in the Plaine Rive Droite area of Bordeaux (News Release)

The natural heat of deep aquifers will meet 82% of the heating needs.

Fully committed to the energy transition in its area, Bordeaux M├ętropole (comprising the city of Bordeaux and some of its suburbs) is taking another step forward in its Climate Plan with the creation of the Plaine Rive Droite geothermal heating network, which will serve the neighbourhoods of Brazza, Niel, Benauge and Garonne-Eiffel.

To best meet the city’s expectations, ENGIE subsidiaries ENGIE Cofely and Storengy joined forces to submit a single integrated tender for deep geothermal energy, combining ENGIE Cofely’s expertise in heating networks and Storengy’s expertise in subsurface exploration and development. In selecting ENGIE’s tender, Bordeaux M├ętropole has chosen a partner that is committed to the long-term success of all aspects of this ambitious project, which marks a revival of deep geothermal energy in France. The concession has been awarded to ENGIE for a 30-year period.