Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Latin America: Background to the Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America

GDF Latin America – Financing: Interview With Jozsef Szamosfalvi (Geothermal News Report)

Jozsef Szamosfalvi
GDF for Latin America has announced the opening of it’s first round of Expressions of Interest (EOI). In an interview with Geothermal News Report, Mr. Szamosfalvi, Managing Director of Interlink Capital Strategies, reviews the different types of financing, including advance payments, requirements, structures and other important details that every prospective applicant should know. Recorded live at the GRC Annual Meeting & GeoExpo+ in Sacramento, California (USA).

For more information and to register for the EOI Pre Sign-Up today, visit:

www.gdflac.com/expression-of-interest/      (English)
www.gdflac.com/expresion-de-interes/        (Spanish)