Friday, December 23, 2016

United Kingdom: Project On Using Geothermal Waters from Mines to Heat Buildings

Exciting Renewable Energy Project for Spennymoor (Durham University)

Dr Charlotte Adams,
Lecturer in the Department of Geography,
Durham University
In a recently announced round of grant funding, Dr Charlotte Adams from Durham University’s Geography Department will take the lead role in an exciting study to look at the mine workings in and around Spennymoor with a public presentation in spring 2017 on the viability and sustainability of using ground water sources within the mines to heat public and private buildings. 

In setting out the scope for the study, Dr Adams submitted that Spennymoor has investigated some low carbon energy options including solar power but the challenges faced include identifying alternatives to conventional fuels and educating decision makers to be innovative in embracing solutions that benefit the community longer than the 4 year political cycle. 

This project will ascertain whether flooded abandoned mines beneath the town are suitable as a source of heat when used in conjunction with heat pumps either individually or as part of a heat network for areas of the town. This project will, gather mine plans and map areas of flooded abandoned mine workings, look for correlation between resource and demand and estimate the resource available.