Friday, November 4, 2016

Canada: Method to Extract Geothermal Energy from Oil & Gas Wells

Introducing the Terrapin Engine, developed with the U of A to convert oilfield waste heat into geothermal energy (JWN Energy)

Alberta has a significant head start in becoming a significant global player in geothermal technology, say the developers of a new technology designed to generate clean power for the province from end-of-cycle oil and gas wells and other sources of industrial waste heat.

"With over 100 years of expertise in drilling, Alberta has developed all of the skilled labour, machinery and experience needed to be successful geothermal developers," says the team behind Terrapin Geothermics.

"The geothermal industry also represents one of the few renewable industries where Alberta has the potential to develop new, export ready intellectual property and innovation." 

In collaboration with the University of Alberta, the company has developed the Terrapin Engine, which it says was specifically built to turn Alberta's industrial waste heat sources and conventional oil and gas wells into clean power solutions to help the province reach its economic growth potential and sustainable environment ambitions.