Thursday, November 3, 2016

Canada: Alberta Company Develops a Low Temperature Geothermal Engine to Exploit Hot Water from Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells

A New Source of Clean, Renewable and Reliable Electricity Comes to Alberta (News Release)

Alberta–based Terrapin Geothermics announces a new innovative technology to generate clean, renewable and reliable power for Alberta. Terrapin has developed a proprietary low temperature geothermal engine capable of generating renewable electricity from industrial waste heat streams. It can also capture the geothermal energy available in Alberta's abandoned, suspended or orphaned oil and gas wells and create a new clean power source for the Province.

The Terrapin Engine was developed through a collaboration between Terrapin Geothermics and the University of Alberta. A multidisciplinary team of engineers, faculty members and graduate students helped pioneer a custom built solution that converts low grade heat directly into electricity. The Terrapin Engine was specifically built to turn Alberta's industrial waste heat sources and conventional oil & gas wells into clean power solutions to help our Province reach its economic growth potential and sustainable environment ambitions.

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