Monday, October 31, 2016

Canada: Drilling at Estevan Geothermal Power Project to Begin Early Next Year

Saskatchewan: The Unsung Hero of Green Energy? (Alberta Oil)

The oil industry is driving Canada’s first commercial geothermal power project as Saskatchewan pushes on with its 50-percent-renewables goal for 2030

Kirsten Marcia, DEEP CEO
In February, Saskatoon-based Deep Earth Energy Production (DEEP) will start drilling as part of an $8 million feasibility/FEED study into what would be Canada’s first commercial geothermal power project. Regina-based MPM Construction Services is investing the money in the project in exchange for equity in DEEP. The work plan and final reporting will be completed by GeothermEx, a Schlumberger company.

Kirsten Marcia, DEEP CEO says DEEP aims to produce the first baseload power in 2.5 years due to the long lead time on turbines. The project currently anticipates 5 MW net power capacity from a 10 MW plant—half the power will be consumed driving the system—which could double if the study shows that’s the best option.