Monday, September 19, 2016

New Zealand: Production Well and Two Injection Wells Completed at Te Ahi O Maui Geothermal Project

Drilling completed at Te Ahi O Maui (News Release)

Drilling of the production well and two injection wells has been completed at the Te Ahi O Maui geothermal project, near Kawerau.

Project manager, Ben Gibson, said today that the drill rig and associated equipment have now completely demobilized from site, where they had been working since May.

The drilling process targeted known sources of geothermal fluid, which could be as hot as 200-300 degrees Celsius, he said.

“The drilling was successful – we located the high-temperature fluid that will ultimately fuel the geothermal power plant, and the injection capacity necessary to manage the cooler fluids that have passed through geothermal power plant.”

The project focus now shifts to the construction of the power plant, transmission line and steamfield. Mr Tomairangi Fox, Cultural Adviser to the project, said “We are very happy to have completed drilling and the next stage is very exciting too.”

The new plant is planned to be operational in 2018.

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