Monday, September 12, 2016

Iceland: Drilling at The Iceland Deep Drilling Project Expected to be Completed by the End of the Year

Statoil and Icelandic partners drill the world’s hottest geothermal well (PennEnergy)

Casing and cementing of the IDDP-2 well to 3 km depth has now been completed – and drilling ahead down into the unknown will begin next week

Statoil and partners in The Iceland Deep Drilling Project has just started to drill a geothermal research well on Iceland. The goal is to explore if high temperature water can be extracted from deep reservoirs for power production.

In a long term perspective geothermal energy could be a renewable energy source with potential, thus Statoil has research ongoing to test the technological and economic viability of this resource. The geothermal research well on Iceland is an important part of this work.

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