Monday, September 26, 2016

Africa: 7 GW of Geothermal Energy Projects to be Funded by COP 21

COP21 to account 240 renewable appetite projects in Africa (SeeNews Renewables)

Ségolène Royal, President of the COP 21 climate change process has announced the funding of 45 GW of renewable energy projects in Africa including 7 GW of geothermal energy.

The list, representing a capacity of about 45 GW of renewable power, includes 62 solar energy projects with a combined capacity of 6 GW, 16 projects for a total of 5 GW of wind energy, 13 projects or 7 GW of geothermal energy, 58 hydroelectricity projects  (20 GW), 35 projects combining more than one technology (1 GW ) and 4 national strategies for adding 8 GW solar and wind energy.

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