Wednesday, August 31, 2016

USA: President Obama Announces Support for Salton Sea Restoration Including Plans for Geothermal Energy Development

At Lake Tahoe Summit, Obama Administration Underscores the Importance of Strong Partnerships and Innovation in Tackling our Shared Climate and Conservation Challenges (The White House)

Today, President Obama will speak at the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Lake Tahoe Summit about the importance of partnerships and innovation in tackling our shared climate and conservation challenges.

Today, the Administration is also announcing a package of actions to marshal strong partnership and innovation in support of the communities surrounding the Salton Sea, California’s largest lake, which is facing a tipping point in environmental degradation.

  • Establishing a New Partnership Between the Federal Government and California to Accelerate Conservation in the Salton Sea
  • Announcing a $10 Million Goal for Salton Sea Efforts with the Water Funder Initiative Foundations
  • Advance Collaboration on Renewable Energy Development in the Imperial Valley/Salton Sea Area
  • Focusing on Technology Adoption and Breakthroughs to Boost the Salton Sea Economy and Clean Energy Generation
    • Convening Key Geothermal Experts for First-Ever Forum on Salton Sea Renewable Potential just before the GRC Annual Meeting
    • Investing in New Sources of Renewable Energy in the Region
  • Developing Innovative Partnerships Around Critical Watersheds 
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