Monday, August 29, 2016

New Zealand: Geothermal Energy Expert Leaves Mercury Board

Mike Allen to step down from Mercury Board (News Release)

Mercury director Mike Allen has advised that he will step down from the company’s Board on 3 November 2016, after seven years’ service.

Chair Joan Withers says during Dr Allen’s time on the Board the business has evolved significantly. His deep expertise in geothermal development had seen him play a key role in both the company’s domestic and international geothermal programs.

During his tenure Mercury completed two major geothermal developments in New Zealand which have contributed to geothermal growing to become New Zealand’s second-largest electricity fuel source.

Mrs Withers says the company has no immediate plans for further geothermal development in New Zealand and decided to exit its international geothermal development interests following a review of investment priorities in 2013.

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