Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Indonesia: Regencies Ask Government to Manage Geothermal Power Project

Gov't Called on to Manage East Java's Geothermal Sources (

Agus Supriyanto, head of the Bojonegoro Energy and Mineral Resources Agency in East Java, said that the Bojonegoro Regency administration had asked the central government to manage geothermal energy sources in Mount Puru and Mount Pandan.

Agus explained that the central government involvement is necessary since Mount Puru and Mount Pandan are located in three regencies, namely Bojo Negoro, Nganjuk and Madiun.

Agus explained that the geothermal energy sources have a huge potential to generate electricity. Therefore, the Bojonegoro administration has planned to coordinate with Nganjuk and Madiun administrations.

Agus revealed that the three regional governments would hold a meeting to submit a proposal related to development of a geothermal power plant to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

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