Thursday, July 21, 2016

Canada: Valemount is Ideal Candidate for Direct-Use Geothermal Energy

Valemount leads geothermal way: Geoscience B.C. (The Rocky Mountain Goat)

Valemount is an ideal candidate for direct-use geothermal energy, according to a report released by Geoscience B.C., as it suggests the Village of Valemount is at an advanced stage in planning for direct-use geothermal heat.

The report states, “Very few communities in B.C. have considered direct-use geothermal energy,” but Valemount is an exception.

“Valemount is one of the most progressive communities when it comes to geothermal…  It is the poster child,” says Carlos Salas, vice president of energy for Geoscience B.C.

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