Thursday, June 9, 2016

Science & Technology: Method for Removing Geothermal Scale from Wells

Patent Application: Methods And Systems For Removing Geothermal Scale (US Patent and Trademark Office)

Geothermal wells frequently form deposits of geothermal scale that can detrimentally affect subterranean operations. These deposits can be very difficult to remove from a surface. Conventional procedures for addressing geothermal scale often provide inadequate scale removal, in addition to creating a number of other issues.

Methods for removing geothermal scale from a wellbore can comprise: introducing a descaling agent comprising an N-(phosphonoalkyl) iminodiacetic acid or any salt thereof into a wellbore of a geothermal well having geothermal scale present therein; contacting the geothermal scale with the descaling agent; and removing at least a portion of the geothermal scale from the geothermal well using the descaling agent.

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