Thursday, June 23, 2016

Philippines: For Every Tree That is Cut, Geothermal Company Plants 100 Seedlings

EDC Official Says Geothermal expansion outside Mt. Talinis (Visayan Daily Star)

The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has clarified that its proposed 60 MW geothermal expansion project in Valencia, Negros Oriental, is outside the Mount Talinis protected area.

Despite that, EDC has reforested 1,100 hectares in the Mount Talinis area from 1998-2014 for combined non-Binhi and Binhi projects, with almost 800,000 trees planted, it added.

“We cannot exist without forests because we rely heavily on healthy watersheds to recharge our geothermal reservoir,” Engr. Vicente Omandam, senior manager for EDC's Negros Island Geothermal Business Unit said. “Without them, our steamfields will dry up and will not be able to supply geothermal energy to our power plants.”

“For every tree that is cut, EDC replaces it by planting 100 seedlings. We invest not only in the establishment but also in the maintenance of these trees to ensure their survival,” Omandam stressed.

EDC also said it has not begun any activity for its proposed geothermal expansion project apart from its application for an Environmental Clearance Certificate, which is still pending release.

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