Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kenya: World Bank Provides Financial and Technical Assistance for Geothermal Energy Development

World Bank to help Kenya harness geothermal resources (China.org)

The World Bank said Tuesday it will help Kenya to harness its vast geothermal resources in order to reduce the reliance on fossil-based fuel.

World Bank Kenya Program Leader on Sustainable Development Sector, Meskerem Brhane, told Xinhua in Nairobi that the bank will provide financial and technical assistance for Kenya.

"Part of the World Bank's 840 million U.S. dollar energy portfolio in Kenya is targeted at the geothermal sector," Brhane said during the World Bank Group's Open Day event.

Geothermal power is a clean source of energy that is available 24 hours a day, said Brhane.

"Our goal is to help Kenya wean off expensive sources of energy so that the cost of electricity is brought down," she said.

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