Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Montserrat: Geothermal Power Plant will Provide Between 2-5 MW

Premier hopeful for spinoffs from geothermal (Montserrat Reporter)

Montserrat Drilling Site on the Flank of the Soufriere Volcano, Bastien Poux, EGS, Inc.
Premier Donaldson Romeo, the head of government business, is hoping for spin-offs from local geothermal energy production. He said the geothermal product would create the environment necessary for investments on the island.

The Premier’s statements follow his attendance of an investment forum in the United States late last week. He gave his informed opinion that the extra electricity and bi-products of the geothermal production exercise, should attract industries and create much needed foreign exchange.

Funded by the UK govt. the island is preparing for the drilling of a third well in its quest to develop geothermal energy. The current project involves the ongoing exploration and it is still within the government’s purview to find potential investors to manage the generation and sale of the energy. In 2013, two other wells were drilled and evaluations concluded that the maximum yield would be about 1.5 MW per well.

It is hoped that along with the geothermal power plant, the three drilled wells will provide between 2-5 MW of electricity to Montserrat.

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