Thursday, March 3, 2016

USA: Geothermal Power can Enhance Energy Security for Military Bases

Q&A With Gen. Chuck Jacoby, Capitol Peak Asset Management (The Pew Charitable Trusts)

Charles H. “Chuck” Jacoby Jr
Charles H. “Chuck” Jacoby Jr. is a retired four-star Army general with 36 years’ experience leading military, government, and international organizations. He is now is a senior vice chairman with Capitol Peak Asset Management, which works to leverage public-private partnerships to invest in critical infrastructure improvements. Pew sat down with Jacoby to better understand ways businesses can partner with the military to improve our nation’s energy security.

Your firm is currently working with Thermal Energy Partners—a geothermal energy company specializing in on-site generation—that has identified U.S. bases at home and abroad that are good candidates for geothermal and waste heat to power projects. Can you explain why geothermal is a particularly promising solution for improving energy security on military installations?

Yes, Capitol Peak has a great relationship with Thermal Energy Partners (TEP), which has the skill set needed to identify geothermal heat resource areas around the globe that can deliver power. Through TEP’s innovation, the geothermal sector of the clean energy market has matured to the point that our military can depend on securely delivered electricity from geothermal power in places that it had not considered previously.

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