Monday, February 1, 2016

Canada: GRC Members to Speak at Two-Day Geothermal Direct Use Workshop

Warming up on geothermal (The Rocky Mountain Goat)

12-13 February, 2016, Valemount, British Columbia, Canada

It might be cold outside, but a workshop planned for early February in Valemount aims to attract some ideas and businesses that can use some heat.

The Valemount Community Forest (VCF) and the Village of Valemount are partnering to host a workshop on Friday afternoon, Feb. 12th and Saturday Feb. 13th at the Best Western. The workshop is aimed at exploring the potential for developing direct-use applications of geothermal heat, and seeing if Valemount could be a viable option for some of these businesses.

“There are lots of possibly industries that may be interested in setting up next to a geothermal heat source,” says Craig Pryor, manager of VCF. Industries such as greenhouses, fish farms, mushroom growing, and dry kilns for lumber are just a few potential examples of businesses that could benefit from plentiful and inexpensive heat, says Pryor, if we can tap into a proven resource beneath our feet.

Keynote Speakers (All GRC Members):
  • Bernie Karl, Chena Hot Springs Resort Chena, Alaska 
  • Tonya “Toni” Boyd, Geo-Heat Center, Klamath Falls, Oregon 
  • Alison Thompson, MBA, M. Eng, P. Eng, Chair, Canadian Geothermal Energy Association Calgary, Alberta 
  • Craig Dunn, P. Geo Chief Geologist, Borealis Geopower Calgary, Alberta
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