Monday, February 22, 2016

Belgium: Better than Expected Results at Mol Geothermal project

More geothermal potential than expected in Mol (RTV)

The first test drilling for the Mol geothermal district heating project in Antwerp province, has exceeded expectations. According to results the temperature of the geothermal brine is hotter than expected and also the amount that can be pumped is greater than was predicted. Next week a second well will be drilled on the Balmatt site. Next summer the project will begin supplying heat to the surrounding area.

The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) has been conducting the region’s first large-scale deep geothermal energy project for about six years. The researchers first mapped in detail the deep subsurface of the Mol region to a depth of more than 4km, using seismic data obtained using ground impact systems known as thumper trucks.

VITO estimates that the two wells have a geothermal potential of 15 to 17 MWth and an electric potential of more than 1.5 MWe. A complete geothermal energy station (based on 6 wells) would deliver more than 5 MWe. By then the Balmatt site would be the fourth largest geothermal energy station in Europe.

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