Thursday, January 21, 2016

USA, Nevada: GRC Member Helps Identify Possible Lithium Source in Geothermal Reservoir

Dajin Completes Structural Study of Teels Marsh, Nevada (News Release)

Dajin Resources Corp. reports that GRC Member Dr. Mark Coolbaugh has completed a preliminary structural study on Teels Marsh.

Dajin retained the services of Reno, Nevada-based geothermal and mineral exploration geologist, Dr. Mark Coolbaugh, to carry out a structural and stratigraphic analysis of Teels Marsh. Dr. Coolbaugh used gravity, magnetic and geochemical data already collected, to develop a new structural model of the basin. The structural study also identified drill targets to test favorable aquifers that may contain Lithium-rich brines.

The analysis reveals that Teels Marsh has a large catchment basin 313 square miles (812 square kilometers) in area and is bounded by faults. The basin is also tectonically active. Thick accumulations of ash deposits known as "Bishop Tuff" are likely to occur beneath the marsh as the marsh occupies a closed basin and is located east of nearby Mono Lake and Long Valley Caldera (source of the Bishop Tuff), and other ash producing volcanic centers. These ash layers have proven to be the most productive brine sources in Clayton Valley, where the only North American lithium brine deposit is being mined by Rockwood Lithium Inc.