Monday, January 25, 2016

Iran: Enel Could Invest in Geothermal Power Project

Enel seeks investment in Iran energy (Trend News Agency)

Enel is seeking investment in Iran in the field of geothermal energy.

If reaching an agreement, Enel and Iran’s Renewable Energy Organization will invest in a geothermal-to-electrical power project in northwestern Iran, Tasnim news agency reported January 24.

Iran is already constructing a 50 MW plant in the Meshkin Shahr geothermal zone in Ardabil Province in northwestern Iran, the first in the Middle East. The power plant is expected to come on stream in two years.  It is not clear whether Enel will invest in the same project or launch a new one in the area.

Iran’s power plants are mostly hydro or fossil fuel-powered. Renewable energy makes up less than one percent of energy used in Iran. Energy intensity is also much higher in Iran than the global standard.