Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Indonesia: Field Trip After ITB International Geothermal Workshop

IIGW 2016 - Geology and Geothermal Geochemistry Field Camp (ITB)

April 1st, Bandung West Java, Indonesia

Registration is open for the Geothermal Field Camp being held on April 1st 2016. This program provides opportunity for participants to be introduced to geothermal field works, characterization of geothermal systems and basic concepts of geothermal exploration. This year, the geothermal field camp will be exercised in the incredible geological settings and features of Tangkuban Perahu Volcano its surrounding areas (Domas Crater and Ratu Crater).

We will accept up to 15 applications until all the positions are filled. This geothermal field camp is intended for students, engineers, scientists, academicians or any other person/parties who are interested in geothermal exploration. 

The field camp courses are taught by Prof. Tobias Fischer from New Mexico University, USA, and the lecturers and graduate students of the ITB Geothermal Magister Degree Program: Instructor to participant ratios is ~ 4:1.

The trip leaves on the final day of the 5th ITB International Geothermal Workshop, March 28 - April 1.