Monday, December 21, 2015

USA, West Virginia: Interview with GRC Member Brian Anderson

With a Presidential Award, This 30-Something WVU Scientist is a Global Energy Expert (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

GRC Member Brian Anderson, at age 37, is a global expert on geothermal energy deep beneath the earth’s surface – as he calls it, “the heat under our feet.”

The Roane County native is one of four leaders profiled in West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s 2015 Inspiring West Virginians radio documentary, airing Dec. 28 at 8pm.

Anderson points out that West Virginia is a regional hotspot when it comes to geothermal resources.

“It’s not the most economical here, but that’s where we come in,” said the 2013 recipient of the President’s Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers – the highest honor young science and engineering researchers can receive from the US Government.

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