Wednesday, December 9, 2015

USA, Nevada: The Stillwater Geothermal Solar Hybrid Energy Plant

Three Clean Technologies Used At One Energy Plant (Zayed Future Energy Prize)

Located in Fallon, Nevada, the Stillwater geothermal solar hybrid energy plant uses 33 MW of geothermal power and 26.4 MW of solar power. Ambient air is used for cooling, instead of water.

Steamed water was used in a separate process but it was not as efficient as was needed, so solar power was installed. In 2012, the 26 megawatts of PV solar power was added, followed by 2 more megawatts of concentrating solar power, not photovoltaics, in 2012.

The solar power portion of the plant complements the geothermal power element. The CSP part of the solar power is used to heat geothermal brine. The Stillwater plant is the only one in the world of its kind. Enel Green Power built the plant, which generates enough clean energy for about 15,000 homes.

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