Friday, November 20, 2015

United Kingdom: Possible Geothermal Energy Resource on South Coast of England

Could Havant be sitting on its own hotbed of untapped energy potential? (Portsmouth News)

Heat from the earth could be used to provide hot water for thousands of homes and public buildings. A growing group of people believe Havant, in Hampshire, could be sitting on a hotbed of untapped geothermal potential.

The technology draws up hot water that has been heated by rocks from hundreds of metres below the ground.

Southampton has been a pioneer of the technology since the 1980s and the scheme now heats a number of buildings, including Southampton Civic Centre and West Quay. Geological studies appear to show the same geothermal aquifer stretches across the south coast to Havant.

Havant Friends of The Earth now plans to talk to Havant Borough Council about the potential of a feasibility study, which could be supported by EU funding.

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