Friday, October 9, 2015

France, Japan: Companies To Collaborate on Renewable Energy Technologies

ENGIE and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries signed a MOU to develop their collaboration in energy sector and technology (News Release)

The agreement covers a wide range of technologies and solutions: conventional and nuclear power plants, renewable energy technologies, distributed generation as well as the emerging technologies and innovative services allowing to increase energy efficiency, optimize the use of resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

The ENGIE (ex GDF Suez) – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries cooperation agreement will, among other things, cover the development of technologies and services aiming at increasing process efficiency and reducing emissions of electrical systems globally, including optimizing conventional power plants and their auxiliary and integrated facilities, developments of highly efficient gas turbines, developments of innovative solutions for combined generation of electricity, heat and hydrogen, fuel cells, monitoring systems etc. together with the advancement of nuclear related business delivering reliable carbon-free base-load electricity to the market.