Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Canada: Nova Scotia Town Promotes Geothermal Energy from Abandoned Mine Shafts

Springhill geothermal researchers eye opportunities (CBC.ca)

The authority that promotes energy development in Cumberland County hosted an energy symposium this week to discuss opportunities, and challenges, with Springhill's geothermal system.

It was a chance for the public to learn more about the heating and cooling potential that's right under their feet, according Devin MacAskill, an energy expert from Cape Breton University.

Springhill's geothermal potential arose after its old mine shafts were abandoned and flooded with underground water.

Water is pumped from shallow parts of the old mine system and run through heat pumps at the surface. It returns to the mines after use. 

The resulting energy is powerful enough to heat or cool residential, commercial or industrial buildings.