Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Geothermal Event! Party at The Air Museum!

You Are Invited To.....

........join the geothermal community on a night of fun at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Featuring Music by The Flusters!

"Palm Desert quartet the Flusters gained some notoriety in 2016 when they were one of the local bands added to the Coachella lineup. Since then — besides remaining one of the sharpest-dressed bands out there — they’ve toured nationally and cultivated a retro/modern sound they call “Dreamsurf,” which is the title of their debut album.

 The foursome (singer-guitarist Dougie VanSant, guitarist-vocalist Danny White, bassist-vocalist Mario Estrada and drummer Daniel Perry) play an affecting mix of hyper-romantic guitar-pop that at times sounds like Morrissey giving a concert out of the back of a Woody at a beach party". - Kevin Bronson // Buzzbands L.A.

Register for the event when you register for the GRC Annual Meeting and Expo. Cost includes drinks, food and live entertainment!

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