Monday, May 13, 2019

United Kingdom: Drilling of Injection Well Begins at United Downs Deep Geothermal Project

United Downs Deep Geothermal Project - Update Monday 13th May (Geothermal Engineering Ltd)

We started drilling our second well on Saturday evening.

Progress has been good and this morning we have reached a depth of 150m. As with the first well we have encountered some hard rocks and, as a result, there is some vibration in the drill pipe and top drive of the rig. This is causing a clattering noise which is a bit louder than our normal drilling noise but, as we get a bit deeper and are able to put more weight on the bit, it will quickly reduce.

With £2.4 million from Cornwall Council and £5 million from private investors, Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) is drilling two deep geothermal wells at its site within the United Downs Industrial Estate and will build a 1-3 MW pilot power plant to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of supplying both electricity and heat.

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