Thursday, May 9, 2019

Montserrat: Premier Says Geothermal Power Project is Still Moving Forward

Is this end of Geothermal Energy development? “No!” says Premier Romeo (The Montserrat Reporter)

Montserrat Drilling Site on the Flank of the Soufriere Volcano, Bastien Poux. 2013 GRC Photo Contest.
Even coming on the heels of the pulling out of Icelandic drilling equipment from the compound encompassing the MON3 well, the drilling site for the continuing project of “Unlocking the Geothermal Potential of Montserrat” and the news of the report that end of the project, Montserrat on Monday celebrated a milestone in the “green” renewable energy development.

“On geothermal, we have already two wells that have proven capacity to support our needs. And, a third well that has unfortunately met with technical difficulties. However, we are still moving forward to develop this form of green energy, through working with partners to bring geothermal power plant in place,” Premier Romeo said.

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