Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Operations & Maintenance: Maintenance Inspection Windows in Geothermal Power Plants

How Important Are Infrared (IR) Inspection Windows at a Geothermal Energy Generation Facility? (IRISS)

Power generation plants cannot tolerate an internal electrical failure that impacts the safety and comfort of their personnel or their end-user customer base. Improved operational reliability and productivity can be achieved

By implementing a condition based maintenance program using Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) to monitor, maintain and anticipate problems on their generators or on-site power distribution and power generation systems before an actual electrical component fails.

Common types of EMSDs include Maintenance Inspection Windows with Infrared or Infrared and Ultrasound capabilities, Ultrasound Ports and handheld measuring devices, Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems and Intelligent Asset Tagging Systems. Utilizing these tools within a condition based maintenance program allows the reliability team to routinely and safely perform inspections, collect data, monitor data over time and determine if an electrical asset is starting to deteriorate. These programs allow companies to schedule downtime to fix the asset versus experiencing an unplanned outage and disrupting the lives and safety of thousands of people.

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