Saturday, December 29, 2018

Show Your Support for The Geothermal Industry

Support The Geothermal Industry By Joining The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee

The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee (GRC PC) encompasses the policy-related activities of the former Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), which merged with GRC earlier in 2018 to enable the geothermal industry to speak with one voice.
  • Are you a former GEA member who wants to continue to benefit from up-to-date information and analyses about policies and issues that impact the geothermal industry? 
  • Are you a GRC member who wants to understand and help influence State and Federal geothermal-related policy issues? 
If your answer to either question above is YES, now is the time to take the opportunity to position yourself among the most proactive geothermal companies, developers, scientists and engineers in the industry.

Joining the GRC PC is a cost-effective way for you and your company to stay on top of policies and other issues that are critically important to the geothermal industry.

With conference calls, in-person meetings and the implementation of activities to promote geothermal development, the GRC PC provides a unique opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of policy issues that affect geothermal development and growth and ensure that your priorities are considered. By joining the GRC PC, you will benefit from work by lobbying firms that are already engaged by several major US geothermal developers, who have generously agreed to share the results and analyses with GRC PC members.

Specific priorities and initiatives for 2019 include:
  • A Policy Priorities Roadmap will be assembled; 
  • An Annual Geothermal Power Production Report will be commissioned; 
  • An Annual Policy Forum will be held in Washington DC in May 2019;
  • Professional Advocate/Lobbyist Networks will be set up at Federal and State levels, and; 
  • A Roster of PC Members and Advocates will be distributed. 
Are you ready to help promote geothermal energy while saving time and money by supporting the GRC Policy Committee? Here are the three options for GRC members to participate in this important geothermal industry group:

Not already a GRC Member? Join the Geothermal Resources Council today online at:

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