Monday, December 3, 2018

Netherlands: Successful Geothermal Get-Together at TU Delft

Geothermal Get-Together (GGT), 3rd meeting (LinkedIn)

by Alexandros Daniilidis, Postdoctoral Researcher at Delft University of Technology

A consortium of seven partners signed a commemorative poster for sponsoring a new assistant or associate professor in geothermal energy. The sponsorship is managed by Stichting DAP and with the raised funds, the partners finance a 5-year tenure track position. After the initial funding period, the position will be continued, with the university taking over the costs.

The best geothermal MSc thesis was honored by the geothermal thesis award for the first time this year. The award, donated by alumni, was shared between two students for their excellent work. Each of them was awarded 750 Euro. The thesis supervisors received the checks on behalf of the students. The winners are: