Thursday, August 2, 2018

Iceland: Climeon Establishes Local Branch to Support Geothermal Heat Module Sales

Climeon grows in Iceland - establishes a branch office (News Release)

Animation illustrates the simplified cycle of a Climeon Heat Power module.
Climeon, the Swedish manufacturer of heat modules that convert low-enthalpy geothermal heat into electricity, has established a branch office in Iceland, one of the most interesting geographical markets in the world for geothermal heat power.

Through the expanded order from the Icelandic energy operator Varmaorka in June 2018, Iceland has become the first foreign market in which Climeon received a major breakthrough. Varmaorka increased its existing order of EUR 30 million to EUR 65 million.

Because of this important client relationship, combined with the great opportunities the company sees in the Icelandic market, Climeon has now chosen to establish a branch office in Iceland.

- Geothermal heat power has the potential to become a dominating renewable energy source and the largest knowledge of the geothermal area is found in Iceland, says Thomas Öström, CEO of Climeon.